HRX Digital Loot Packs

1500 klejnotów

The SWC 2018 Digital Loot Pack is here! This pack unlocks tons of content and will come with your HRX Ticket OR when you attend the SWC Finals at a Coke Theater (more details to be announced soon). If you can’t attend HRX or the Coke Theater screenings of the finals, you can still purchase this Digital Loot Pack for 1,500 Gems!


  • Skins
  • Mystic Defender Neith (Ekskluzywny)
  • SWC 2018 Queen Aphrodite (Ograniczony)
  • SWC 2018 King Thor (Ograniczony)
  • Convention 2018 Cernunnos (Ekskluzywny)
  • Loadout Items
  • Number One Global Emote (Ekskluzywny)
  • SWC 2018 Recall Skin (Ograniczony)
  • SWC 2018 Ward Skin (Ograniczony)
  • Thumper Ward
  • Divine Chest Roll
  • 750 Fantasy Points