6th Annual Hi-Rez Expo Cosplay Contest


Ready those glue guns and sharpen your scissors, because it’s time for the 2019 Hi-Rez Expo Cosplay Contest!

With so many members of the community dedicated to bringing our characters to life, we’re always excited to add a little friendly competition to the mix. Whether you’re transforming into Koga, the Lost Hand, or Neith, Weaver of Fate, get ready to take center stage and compete for a prize pool of $15,000!

The Cosplay Contest will take place on Friday, November 15, and all winners will have the opportunity to show off their Cosplay on the red carpet and on camera!

Pre-register online now, or sign-up in person before registration closes on Friday, November 15 at 2:30pm EDT.

For inspiration or quick references on some of your favorite Hi-Rez Gods, Champions, and Skins, check out the SMITE Community Resource Box and the Paladins Community Resource Box.

We look forward to seeing you in costume at Hi-Rez Expo!


First Place$5,000
Second Place$4,000
Third Place$3,000
Fourth Place$2,000
Most Creative$500
Most Humorous$500

Schedule - Friday, Nov 15

12:00 - 4:00 pm* - Judging Time Slots
2:30pm - Registration Ends
4:30pm - Winners Contacted
5:00pm - Red Carpet Walk and Winners Presented, Followed by Meet and Greet

*You will receive your assigned time slot upon registering.

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